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Viral Video “Truthers”

People who still to this day espouse the incredibly convoluted idea that Geroge W. Bush fired a missle at the Pentagon and had a special ops team plant explosives in the Twin Towers to ensure their destruction on 9/11 are now often referred to as “9/11 Truthers” because they are convinced that they and they alone know the “real” truth about the events that occured on 9/11.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that some in my own industry have been going over the Worst Wedding DJ EVER! viral YouTube video footage as if it were the Zapruder film in an attempt to uncover evidence of a conspriacy of some kind.

One DJs observations showed a severe lack of attention being paid to the details when he said…

“I saw this footage, and was especially disturbed by the odd transition, that led to the weird ‘breast drumming.’ That’s what happens when you let the laptop do all the work and you stand there apparently drunk.”

The transition he is referring to is when the music changes suddenly from “Conga” by Gloria Estefan to “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins leading to the DJ’s “boob bongo” routine which is timed perfectly with the drum solo segue…which occurs at 3:40 seconds into the original song.

Obviously the song was started at a set cue point to hit the drum solo for comedic effect…and the fact that the backround noise of the crowd drops out at the transition and the DJ begins to move in slo-mo while still clapping to the original beat of “Conga”…combined with the replay of the his “boob bongo” in even slower slo-mo…should all be clear indicators to anyone watching that this song was mixed in by the person who posted the video and was not actually played live at the event.

It makes one wonder how well a wedding DJ who could miss these details would be able to manage the finer details at an actual wedding.

But the next comment by a DJ was even more astounding…

“After watching this, I honestly believe it was staged.”

REALLY? This person has got to be kidding…right? I even saw one response where the person was suggesting that the “boob bongo” segment itself was actually put into the clip using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

I am painfully aware that our industry has had a serious image problem in the public’s perception of us long before this viral video became all the rage. So what purpose would be gained by documenting EXACTLY what can happen when an unqualified and uncouth “entetainer” is given the reigns at a wedding reception? Look at all of the people in that video. How much effort would it have taken to get them all together to “film” this fake event…and then NONE of them have come forward to admit their scam after 2,000,000 views? Seems about as unlikely as a missle being fired into the Pentagon while a plane filled with people is somehow “disappeared” with no wreckage or living survivors. Ever seen Capicorn One?

Instead of looking for the hand of “Dr. Evil” behind this latest viral video…maybe we should be looking at what we can do to help this industry grow up and truly become a profession?

Finally…to put this issue to bed once and for all…here is the highlight reel from the same (not-so-staged) wedding with the “boob bongo” routine understandably left out.

It is interesting to note how fun and beautiful this wedding looked with only one person’s performance edited out.

3 Responses to Viral Video “Truthers”

  • I was amazed or should I say appalled by people “defending” this clown and his actions.

  • The video montage of the wedding is a stark contrast from the YouTube video. The video highlight is beautiful and moving.

  • It’s sad to think that this wedding will be remembered mostly by a despicable act made by someone in our industry.
    With that said, isn’t it amazing that this so called “Worst DJ Ever” still managed to generate dancing at this reception?
    Note to all mobile DJ’s, just because you get a full dance floor does not mean you’re a good DJ. So instead of just
    uploading your edited full dance floor highlights on Youtube, show the world you have more skills than just pushing play.
    Just goes to show that even “The Worst DJ” can still generate a dance floor.

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