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Thrown Under The Bus

My step son, Eric, was a guest at a wedding this evening and he texted me a photo of the DJ who was entertaining.

Some Random DJ at a Wedding

When Eric asked him about his rates…he said he charges $600 for the first 5 hours. Eric noticed that he was displaying the ADJA logo and because I have an extensive background serving both locally and nationally with the ADJA, Eric asked him if he knew who I was. The DJ said that he had not heard of me. When Eric mentioned that he and I have the ADJA in common, he responded by saying, “being a member doesn’t make you a good dj.”

Wow! I was thrown under the bus by some random DJ who doesn’t even know me. I had to ask myself…why? Did he feel the need to make sure Eric knew he was superior to any other DJ…even a fellow ADJA member? Was he threatended by the mere thought that Eric had “heard” of another DJ in the area?

When Eric pressed him further inquiring about what he should look for when hiring a DJ, he said “check references and referrals, look for a good microphone voice, someone who is fun, and won’t be getting drunk.”

There you go…that’s the bar of achievement for our profession. Have good referrences…sound good on the mic…be fun…and don’t get drunk! This reminds me of the spoof dating service ads on MadTV’s…Lowered Expectations!

4 Responses to Thrown Under The Bus

  • Unfortunately you have that in all industries. And there are clients out there who believe that is all the quality you need in a DJ.


  • Thats where we have to raise the bar. Show the clients what a professional DJ is and what we can do and offer that is worth so much more than simply spinning songs.

  • The sad thing, Peter, is how many DJs would indeed be disqualified by the conditions he gave.

    I sincerely doubt that anyone who’s actually a member of the ADJA could NOT know who you are. I suspect a poser.

  • Peter,
    Do you realize that this post makes you look arrogant? This DJ did not throw you under the bus in any way. Are you really offended by the fact that some DJ has never heard of you? After all, that is the extent of the DJ’s comments about you.

    Moreover, this DJ makes a very valid point about the ADJA. Many members of the ADJA (perhaps most members) only joined to get discounted insurance and permission to use the ADJA logo in their advertising. The biggest advantage the ADJA has going for it is that the DJ hiring public does not know that the ADJA is not really an employer association.

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