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The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

So I posted an article here about the latest viral YouTube video titled “The Worst Wedding DJ EVER!” (1,200,000 views in 4 days!) and a friend of mine “shared it” with her facebook friends.

It just so happens that one of her “friends” is a DJ who has been removed from a popular online DJ forum for obsessively posting negative comments about me and a few others in our industry.

So…imagine my surprise (or the complete lackthereof) when he responded by criticizing me for calling out my industry’s latest poster-boy of unprofessionalism. And then he said the following…

“There is a DJ for everyone. This guy evidently found his niche and market and is welcome to it. Someone has to service the $300 wedding DJ market. There is more to this wedding I’m sure. Could be a bikers wedding, could be a friends wedding, who knows. Who cares. I’d have to hear from the clients first before passing to much judgement. Some people just jump the gun and use videos like this for their own marketing benefit.” (emphasis added)

When I responded by simply asking “Really?” he countered with even more…

“We know nothing about this video other than the short few moments of humor we’ve seen. There’s always two sides to every story.(empahsis added)

So…I decided to try and explore what the other side of the story might be.

My wife suggesed that maybe the lady was the client and the DJ was trying to get a tip.

My buddy Randy proposed that maybe the lady had recently undergone a low-budget breast enlargment surgery and her doctor had insisted that she had to keep them “moving” on a regular basis to prevent the cheap silicone substitute from hardening up.

But then I remembered the old proverb “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend” and suddenly the “balanced” and “cautious” response by this particular DJ had nothing to do with him at all. And then it hit me…I suddenly realized what would cause him to throw caution to the wind and condemn this clown faster than a firefighter can untangle his hose.

If I were the DJ featured in the video. 😉

3 Responses to The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

  • The only legitimate excuse I can imagine for his behavior is that there were poisonous insects on her and he was trying to get them off of her as quickly as possible. 😉

    Peter, I think your epiphany nailed it. It’s amazing to me that some people will try to defend behavior like that. Makes me wonder how crazy the behavior would have to be for them to condemn it. I try to look at it this way: how worried would I become if I found DJs like the one you described agreeing with me? I’m fine with them being on the opposite side of an argument!

  • Great idea Peter. A whole new series of instructional videos! 🙂

    What would you call it?

  • You never know, maybe this was an add-on that the client paid good money for! 😉 I hear this video made it on Jay Leno last night too… This is sick… makes me nauseous that this guy thought it was acceptable behavior.

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