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Judge Judy vs. $550 Wedding DJ

A wedding DJ got his day in court with Judge Judy today. He charged the client $550 and they claimed that he ruined their day and quite playing music an hour early. The best line is the very last thing the DJ says…so wait for it…and enjoy!

5 Responses to Judge Judy vs. $550 Wedding DJ

  • This is why you don’t hire a $550 DJ to do both a ceremony and reception. The price of a quality performer is $1200 for just the reception.

    Plus, I feel bad for the groom – Judge Judy is right and he is going to have to listen to that for the rest of his marriage. (I would say life, but he’ll wise up soon I’m sure, hopefully not before he gets her pregnant). If that happens his wedding vows won’t have been a statement, they’ll have been a sentence!

  • Tony you’re stating that no DJ’s that charge under $ 1200.00 are quality. $ 550.00 is way less than I would charge for both Ceremony and Recption however I can’t agree with your comment.

    Last line is good, get that it is the groom that he is speaking of.

  • Speechless!!!! The $550 DJ Wins!?

  • Simply Frank,

    While I agree with your point, in a court of law, as the Judge pointed out several times, it is extremely hard to prove the things the bride is complaining about. This is only PART of the reason why it is so important to have a written contract and lots of notes about the evening so the event is what everyone expects it to be.

  • In the words of the Rolling Stones – “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find – “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR”

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