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It Doesn’t Cost That Much! Really?

A friend sent me a link to a DJ’s site that featured the attached image. (The DJ’s company name has been purposely obscured.) When I first saw this add, I immediately picked up on the word “product” as it clearly defines how this DJ views his value. If the same “product” is being offered at local taverns for $200, why pay $650 or more for that same “product” at your wedding? Of course, this begs the question…why is this DJ charging $400 when the same “product” is sold for $200 at the local tavern? Why is his service product “worth” double for a wedding?

On a side note…if the bride wanted the same “product” that is offered at the tavern for $200…don’t ya think she’d be hosting her reception at the local tavern? 

Clearly he sees what he does as a product and not as a service. Sure…he’s offering his online planning and request forms…a bridal consultation…4 hours of dance music…name brand audio/PA…LED lighting…and an integrated backup system. But doesn’t the consultation and the dance music at least qualify as a service? Does he serve as the Master of Ceremonies at the wedding? I didn’t see that service being offered or promoted.

But here is the downside for him and for our industry. This is educating brides to shop for a DJ like a product…like a commodity…and not as a service…not as talented entertainers. If a bride were to fall for this line of thinking…then she would be completely justified to go find a DJ on Craig’s List that offers the same “product” for $300 or $200 or even less. After all, “It Doesn’t Cost That Much!”…right?

The only effective selling point he has is “Only $400” The bride in the photo may be smiling now…but the only thing she’ll be able to smile about if this product-focused DJ is unable to deliver the kind of fun reception she’s been dreaming about…is the fact that she saved some money for the same “product.”

WARNING! The “products” may be the same…but the results may vary dramatically!

4 Responses to It Doesn’t Cost That Much! Really?

  • Thank you for this. I see the ads on craigslist and think what kind of moron is going to ruin some girls event or give her some generic “this is how I do it” wedding reception.

  • As usual, we’re our own worst enemy. This is a sad side effect of DJs not being business people. I’ll wager that this DJ has no business plan, has no idea what his actual overhead and time investment is, and works a day job. Those who do this actually end up supplementing the events of people they don’t even know! Yet with some extra “gravy money” coming in, they think all is well. I’d love to interview their wives/girlfriends and ask if that extra couple hundred bucks is worth their time apart.

  • What a shame for our industry…It is the Starbucks DJ without liability insurance,office, subscription service music, coordination and sorry to say talent.
    To a wedding DJ/MC, music is secondary. We plan and coordinate how every moment of the wedding/reception will flow. Music is the easy part….The problem with our industry is that we have to many club DJs attempting to do weddings. Club DJs are paid between $250-$400 per night…Unless your Tiesto. This is why they have the mentality of making $400 for an event.

    This post has inspired me to do a post on my blog.

  • Oh my. Price of Geo Tracker vs. Price of Lincoln Navigator…. a bit more than $200.

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