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I Always Feel Like…Somebody’s Watching Us!

We live in a new world these days. Gone are the days of the Pony Express…reading breaking stories on the front page of a morning paper…or even looking for an update on the cable news scroll on the bottom of the screen. We now live in a YouTube world. What you do today can become news…and the latest viral video craze…mere moments after the events occur. I have been convinced that once brides can see…I mean really see…what most DJs offer as a “good” performance…their expectations…and their fears…about what they don’t want happening at their wedding…will cause a dramatic shift in the way they perceive us as professionals (or un-professionals for that matter) which could lead to one of two possible outcomes.

1. They will start looking for an alternative to hiring a “DJ” like a Band, an iPod, or dare-I-say maybe even a Wedding Entertainment Director™ .

2. They will start actively seeking verification via uncut video and iron-clad referrences to confirm the true level of skill, talent, and polish an entertainer possesses before hiring them…and they will gladly pay MORE for the best qualified candidate as well.

We need to start recognizing that everything we say and DO at a wedding will most likely be captured on someone’s flip video recorder and could very easily wind up on YouTube…like the following shocking example.

His DJ sign is proudly displayed. I wonder how much longer he and his…ahem…lady friend…will be in business?

If you have been feeling like someone has been watching you lately…just remember what Kurt Cobain said…

“Just because you’re paranoid…don’t mean they’re not after you.”

6 Responses to I Always Feel Like…Somebody’s Watching Us!

  • Why is it everytime I turn around there is always someone behind me.

  • The extent this guy appears to be unaware of his performance and actions is frightening!

  • Not that ANYONE deserves to have stupidity of that level occur at his or her wedding, but I’m willing to bet that this idiot was hired based on price. I’m sure that he wasn’t hired because of his amazing level of professionalism.

    Peter, I hope you’re right and brides start looking for alternatives to idiots like this. It sickens me, though, that I’m probably getting lumped into the same category with him when people that don’t know me think “DJ”.

  • It’s hard to tell whether this video is staged or not Janet. Maybe it’s a viral video setup for a coming reality show or something?

    Of course, I would like to believe it is fake. On the other hand, last year I had a bride & groom go to a wedding the week before their own. They literally called me Sunday morning as soon as they woke up after their friends’ wedding w/ concerns something like this: “Bri, we went to a wedding last night & the DJ was awful! He did x, y, & z. I know we saw your videos & you came highly recommended, but you’re not going to do those things, are you? We know you won’t, but we had to check!”

    I was shocked by what I heard that this other DJ did, & I reassured them that their wedding would be a tasteful, elegant event, just as we had planned it. Still, the fact remains, anyone w/ a laptop, 2 speakers, & a cheap mic can call themselves a DJ. Buyer beware. There’s a reason why high quality DJs charge more, belong to professional organizations, have business licenses, etc. I’m guessing that if this guy is for real, he doesn’t charge $1200 for a wedding, & we can clearly see why.

  • Just yesterday I sat with a couple *heavily* considering a band, and, before speaking, I asked them to share with me their completely unabated thoughts on DJs. I hated hearing the phrase, “It cheapens the event!” The stigma is SO strong that neither I nor Andy will likely get the event. Fortunately, they are considering a very, very good band, and I encouraged them *seeing how bent they were* to hire a great band and not an entry level band, but still will have some of their other business (hooray for lighting).

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