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DJ Ra-Mu Encourages Peter Merry To Study His Video Footage

In a move that was almost as predictable as the path of Haley’s Comet or one of Jay Leno’s punch-lines, DJ Ra-Mu added me to his latest “breaking news” press release.

Overpriced California Wedding DJ Peter Merry Jr. Running His Mouth Again Via His Blog

I guess it was inevitable that I’d wind up in his ‘”crosshairs” again. And to be completely candid, I was not surprised that he completely side-stepped the fact that he is attempting to cherry pick brides who are not looking for him by name, but for his competitors. (Luke is certainly not the only person Ra-Mu has been targeting in his market.) I was also not surprised that he responded with accusations about how much “free time” I have which is ironic coming from a guy who has time to post hundreds of YouTube vides with gripping titles like “boston wedding dj boston wedding djs ri wedding dj ri wedding djs” and dozens of fake press releases with his competitors names in them. Talk about the pot calling the kettle…oh wait…probably shouldn’t go there. He’s already playing the victim card. 😉

But one of the best parts about his latest press release (besides the whole man crush thing…which he clearly has for Luke Renchan) was his suggestion that I should study another one of his ubiquitously titled YouTube videos. He graciously provided the link in his press release and I have decided to take him up on his offer.

This week, on my blog… The Fun Wedding Guy …I’m going to study every aspect of his Grand Entrance footage and share my findings with all of you. The feedback I am putting together should prove to be very educational for all wedding entertainers (myself included) as well as for any brides who may be watching. Who knows…maybe even Ra-Mu will learn a few new things as well?

And finally, for the record. I hold no ill-will towards DJ Ra-Mu. I’d like to see him succeed as much as any other DJ. I’d just like to see him learn to do it on his own merits…instead of trying to cash in on the proven talents of others who have already developed their own fan base in his market the same way he should…by earning it.

5 Responses to DJ Ra-Mu Encourages Peter Merry To Study His Video Footage

  • There are DJ’s that “Get it”, “Don’t Get It” and the DJ’s that will ever get no matter what.
    That ad is very disturbing.

  • I’m sure Peter will try to delete this message. He basically created this website to try to trash me. Alot of efforts for the wedding industries golden boy. If this comment is deleted, I will write about it this week.

  • Let’s see if Peter approves this. Arrogant Peter finally gets a taste of his own medicine.

  • Welcome Ra-Mu! It only took you about two months to finally weigh in. Now…cue up the song…
    “You’re so vain…you probably think this blog is about you.”
    Truth be told…I started this blog based on a seminar of the same title that I presented at the Las Vegas Mobile Beat Show in 2008…almost a full two years before I ever heard the name “Ra-Mu.”
    Now…if you want to dialogue here…I’m all for it. But if you resort to pointless personal attacks and name-calling (i.e. “Arrogant Peter…”) in lieu of an intelligent conversation…then yes…I will most likely choose to delete your posts.
    So…what’s on your mind? Will you be re-booking your interview on The Cross-Fader Show anytime soon?

  • I knew Peter was a man of intelligence and perseverance. I knew he was skilled, not to mention talented. But, I never realized how polite, diplomatic, and patient he was until now.

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