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Announcing Vs. Introducing

A friend just forwarded me an article about Wedding Introductions written for Brides & Grooms in the Buffalo, NY region by the “Mysterious DJ X” who I’m guessing is remaining mysterious because, after reading his article, I don’t know why any bride would want to hire him. You can read the article for yourselves here…

“The Do’s & Dont’s of Wedding Introductions” by the Mysterious DJ X

His entire focus is on what he needs to make his life easier and not once is he even aware that he is really promoting the typical DJ practice of “announcing” the Wedding Party…because he most certainly is not “introducing” them. This is what it means to announce someone…



“to state the approach or presence of”

When the Mysterious DJ X just wants to get the names pronounced correctly, then all he is doing is ANNOUNCING the Wedding Party into the room. This is what means to introduce someone…



“to present a person to another so as to make acquainted”

Just “yelling names” is not INTRODUCING the members of the Wedding Party. Most of the guests at a wedding DO NOT know all of the members of the Wedding Party and an M.C. who just says their names has done NOTHING to make them feel acquainted to these people who are so important to the bride and groom, they were requested to stand up with them as they exchanged their vows.

Tonight (April 12th, 2014), Michael Buffer will probably be the one announcing the boxers to the ring for the Pacquiao/Bradley fight in Las Vegas, NV. He doesn’t need to introduce them…EVERYONE there already knows who they are and have no need to become acquainted with them. And the same is usually true for the Bride & Groom at their own wedding celebrations (save the occasional +1 who has yet to meet them). But, simply announcing the Wedding Party members (who are not as widely known) does a disservice to the guests and to the Bride & Groom. And calling those announcements “introductions” does even greater harm to the general perceptions people have of wedding DJs and the importance of properly fulfilling our roles as the M.C.

I have a few of my own “Do’s & Don’ts” for the Mysterious DJ X.


Take some formal M.C. training and learn how to do your job as a professional performer.


Write any more crappy articles that make you (and the rest of as a result) look bad until you do.

3 Responses to Announcing Vs. Introducing

  • Let me “announce” as a DJ that I, just like the Mysterious DJ X, don’t like to be inconvenienced at a wedding and I often phone it in. His do’s and don’ts help me achieve that. Some of us strive for mediocrity.

  • Yes that article sucks. But what you have written is purely opinion.

  • Rob…if one strives for mediocrity…then one can expect mediocre results…mediocre referrals…mediocre demand…which leads to mediocre compensation. To each his own.

    DJ Z…”purely opinion?” So the dictionary definitions I included along with the other facts that are widely known such as “Most of the guests at a wedding DO NOT know all of the members of the Wedding Party” are now just “purely opinion?” I am admittedly very opinionated about this subject…but the facts on which I base my opinions are very solid. You can disagree with my opinions all you want…but it is very difficult to disagree with the facts that I presented.

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